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Madison County Schools works to address the severe health issues associated with the use of E-cigarettes.

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 Vaping JUULing Student Information


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The Effects of Vaping:

It can alter nerve cell functioning in teen development
Each JUUL pod is equal to 200 cigarette puffs. That’s like smoking a PACK-A-DAY
Vaping lowers the body’s ability to fight infections
Chemicals in vape smoke causes “popcorn lung” and other bronchial problems
Lithium ion-powered vapes can blow up
Levels of nicotine are completely lacking ANY control or quality
Metal particles and metal traces can be deadly
Vapes also contain formaldehyde, embalming fluid, propylene glycol and other dangerous substances
Pneumonia is a much higher risk for vape users
Early studies link a much higher association to depression by vape users
There is virtually no long-term scientific studies done and nearly every study indicating the safety of vapes, e-cigarettes and JUULs have been funded by the Industry