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Board of Education Members Recognized for Years of Service to Madison County Schools

We would like to thank Dr. Theresa Banks, Dr. Craig Goforth and Mrs. Lori Massey for their service to Madison County Schools and their commitment to student achievement. Dr. Banks served as Chair of the Board of Education from 2014 -2018.  Dr. Goforth served as a member of the Board from 2000-2018 and Mrs. Massey served from 2002-2018. They will be sorely missed as respected Board of Education members of Madison County Schools.

We would also like to welcome Kevin Barnette as our newest member of the Board of Education. Mr. Barnette was sworn in on November 19, 2018.  We will also welcome Karen Blevins as Board Chair and Keith Ray as a member in December.   Karen Blevins, Keith Ray and Barbara Wyatt will be sworn in on December 3, 2018.

In the Photo
Seated left to right; Dr. Craig Goforth, Dr. Theresa Banks, Lori Massey
Standing left to right; Dr. Will Hoffman, Kevin Barnette, Barbara Wyatt and Kelby Cody.