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    Virtual Program Guidelines and Application 


    Direct, face-to-face instruction is greatly valued by Madison County Schools; however, we understand that often students need another option for a variety of reasons.  Madison County Schools wants to support all of our students through this time of COVID-19 and the 2020-2021 school year.  Therefore, we are providing a virtual learning opportunity. Please understand this will be much different than the remote learning that occurred at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.  The following guidelines are required in order for a student to participate in virtual learning offered through Madison County Schools. 

    Therefore, if applying to the virtual program, the parent/guardian and student understand and agree to the following terms for participation, if selected, in the Madison County Schools Virtual Program for the 2020-21 school year. 

    • I will fully participate in the online course.
    • I have access to reliable Internet service to participate in  school meetings, download videos, and complete assignments.
    • I will respond in a timely manner to emails from my school.
    • I have supervision and a safe environment to complete assignments and participate in online instruction.
    • I will follow any and all requirements set forth by Madison County Schools.
    • I will work independently..
    • I understand that I will be expected to complete all assignments and will receive grades and feedback for daily assignments as well as grades at the end of each grading period.
    • I will use courteous language when communicating online. 
    • I will follow the Madison County Schools Acceptable Use policy for computers and technology. 
    • I understand that some high school courses may not be available for virtual learning.  
    • If any materials are assigned, I agree to return them at the end of the course or pay the replacement cost.
    • I understand that high school courses will be included in my GPA and class rank.  If the course is not completed, the transcript will include a failing grade. 
    • I understand that if I decide that I want to return to face-to-face instruction, this request can only be considered at the end of a nine-weeks grading period or semester. 
    • All NC required exams (EOG or EOC) for online courses will follow the same testing schedule as classes being taken face-to-face at the school. 
    • Parents must monitor student progress and maintain communication with the school.  If an address, email, or phone number changes, the parents must notify the school.
    • We understand that participation in the virtual program is voluntary, and we hereby release the Madison County Board of Education, its members, its employees, and its agents from any and all liability in this course. 

    By submitting this application, I understand that Madison County Schools reserves the right to determine if Madison County Schools Virtual Program is not the best fit for a student due to certain circumstances.  I understand that the Madison County Schools Virtual Program will be responsible for my grade and all grades earned virtually will appear on my official school record for all grade levels.

    Madison County Schools Virtual Program applications will be reviewed and notification of acceptance will be made in August , 2020.

    Student:  I affirm that I will complete assignments, projects, and tests without the assistance of another unless permitted by my online teacher.  I will demonstrate academic integrity in my work.

    Parent/Guardian:  I affirm that I will support my child in the Madison County Schools Virtual Program.  I, or another responsible adult, is available to serve as a Learning Coach for my child during the regular school day.  I understand my child could face disciplinary consequences or be removed from the virtual program if he/she fails to follow school conduct policies or is an inactive learner.

    By pressing START APPLICATION, I acknowledge that I am this student’s legal guardian.  I also understand and agree with all of the above statements related to the MCS Virtual Program.

    Click on the link below to start the application process

    Madison Virtual Options Academy Pre-Application Request Form