Concert Band

  • Concert Band is the core focus of the band experience in Madison County Schools. Through concert performances, students display the skills they have developed over the course of the school year. In Madison County Schools, students begin concert band instruction at Madison Middle School in the 6th grade. Students are encouraged to continue their concert band instruction through the remainder of their secondary education, and are encouraged to participate in all band activities, including marching band, solo and ensemble, and many others.

Middle School

  • The middle school concert band experience is held at the Madison Middle School under the direction of Brianna Kraemer. Students learn the fundamentals of reading music and playing a beginning band instrument. As students progress through middle school, more musical opportunities are available for them to participate in. For middle school needs and questions pertaining to the band, please contact her via email at:

High School

  • The high school concert band experience is held at Madison High School in tandem with the Madison Early College under the direction of Brett Anderson. High School Concert Band meets in the same class regardless of grade level. Concert band is the primary focus of instruction for instrumental music education. In the Fall semester of each year, students participate in Marching Band as well as Concert Band, while the Spring semester is solely focused on Concert Band. During High School Band, students will improve their musical knowledge and ability as they dive into more difficult pieces of literature and routinely attend competitions, festivals, and other band related events.

    For high school needs and questions pertaining to band, please contact Mr. Anderson via email at: