• Welcome to Our Athletic Program!

    Welcome to the Athletic Program at Madison High School. You are about to join a program that has a long history of achievement and excellence. Many athletes who have preceded you have provided our school with a reputation that is highly regarded in high school athletics. We hope that your involvement in this program will provide you with many rewarding and worthwhile experiences and that you too can make a contribution which will further enhance the reputation of our school and its athletic program.

    The Interscholastic Athletic Program at Madison High School is an integral part of the total school program, and as such is designed to help our students become better school, community, state, and national citizens. While academics are the primary focus of our school, we believe participation in an athletic program affords opportunities, experience, and training which are not ordinarily available in the standard curriculum. Education should not only provide for the many, but should also furnish a demanding test for the limited number of those who are gifted physically and who are ambitious to excel.

    Rex Wells


    Athletic Director

    "Nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit through Academic and Athletic Achievement