• Welcome to Madison High School!

    Madison High School was opened in the fall of 1974. The schools were combined in name only in 1974. It consolidated the high schools previously located at Hot Springs, Laurel, Mars Hill, Marshall, and Spring Creek. Class of 74 never walked the halls of Madison High. Class of 75 was the class to break it in. The school is located just off the By-Pass at Marshall.

    · 44 classrooms
    · 5 shops
    · 1 greenhouse
    · 6 science labs
    · Media center
    · Little theatre
    · Administrative offices
    · Cafeteria
    · 2 Gyms
    Weight room
    · Band room
    · 4 dressing rooms
    · 15 restrooms
    · Faculty parking
    · Student parking for Juniors and Seniors
    · 8 computer labs
    · 1-Mile Walking track around the campus open to the public.

    Madison High and MCS Central Office are located on 54 acres of land owned by the Madison County Board of Education. Besides the main building we have ROTC classroom, Alternative School. Masonry classroom and shop and the football stadium along with a track and field house and a softball field located on the property. Our Baseball/softball fields are located on other properties.

    Madison High has decreased in size since it opened in 1974 from over 800 students to just over 625 students. Its small size allows teachers and administrators to know children instead of numbers of children.

    16 Buses at Madison High and Madison Middle School average ride for students1 ˝ hr
    average bus runs 23 mi. one way
    buses cover 4,500 mi. A day in Madison County

     Mission Statement:
    Madison High School will provide students with opportunities to experience successful learning that will enable them to excel in college, career, and life.

    Vision Statement:
    Students will graduate from Madison High School ready to be productive, globally-aware citizens who are prepared for future success.

    Core Values/Beliefs:

    The Patriot Way ... Everyday
    P-We believe in professionalism.
    A-We believe in accountability.
    T-We believe in trustworthiness.
    R-We believe in giving/receiving respect.
    I-We believe in integrity.
    O-We believe in open mindedness.
    T-We believe in powerful teaching.
    S-We believe in student engagement, service, and success.