• Town of Hot Springs, NC


    Hot Springs is a small vibrant town located where the French Broad River and Spring Creek intersect. Hot Springs is home to one of the few natural hot springs in the southeastern United States. The destination has supported many hotels and resorts, dating back to the 1700’s.  People have traveled many miles to visit the town and soak in the 100+ degree mineral waters. The Appalachian Trail runs along downtown and climbs the mountains on both sides of the river.  Tourism, seasonal industries, and outdoor recreation are the main source of income for the town.  There are many small businesses and restaurants that serve both the local and tourism industries. The town reflects the culture and history of the county. The communities served by HSES have a rich cultural and agricultural background. In the past, Hot Springs has always been a prominent town within the county due to flourishing tourism, agricultural, and timber industries. Today, the reliance on the family farm for basic family income is less prevalent. White water rafting, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, and sightseeing opportunities in the nearby Pisgah National Forest attract visitors year round.
                Many residents in the Hot Springs, Spring Creek, Meadow Fork and Laurel communities now work in various types of employment. In most family households, both parents work on jobs outside of the home with many residents commuting to the local town, Asheville, or across the border to Tennessee for work. Many former students from the Hot Springs, Spring Creek, Meadow Fork and Laurel areas lead very successful lives as education levels continue to increase. Although income levels continue to grow, the school population contains over 75.54% of students in low-income homes as is reflected in the number of free and reduced lunches. Hot Springs Elementary houses on campus The Hot Springs Community Learning Center, an early childhood program that provides Preschool, Afterschool Care, and Summer Programs for children ages 3-12 from the Hot Springs and surrounding communities.  Many Hot Springs students attend the afterschool and summer programs. The Early Childhood Learning Center is the only pre-school program serving children in Hot Springs, Spring Creek, Meadow Fork and Laurel communities.
                Hot Springs Elementary rests in the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The community has a rich heritage that includes commitment to family, folk music and ballad signing, and a history spanning several generations from the European families who first settled the valley. The I-26 corridor was constructed in Madison County a few years ago and connects the Tennessee interstate system to North Carolina’s interstate system. The once remote county is being influenced by the changes of the growing community, expanded culture, and continued development of the area. Hot Springs Elementary staff encourages the connection of community to school and works to provide an enriching educational experience to the students who are endeared to their service.

    All staff, teachers and paraprofessionals have met state qualifications and licensing criteria necessary to provide instruction and support services to all students.  You have the right to request and be provided with information regarding the qualifications of your child’s classroom teacher and paraprofessional.